See below materials for reproductive health referrals. PROVIDE is able to customize all of these tools for your program, if you identify areas where they could better meet your needs. For more resources or information, contact Leigh Koetsch at

1)      NAF Financial Counseling Training (how to fund an abortion)

2)      KY Financial Resources for Abortion

3)      Provider packets on Pregnancy and Abortion (materials for advocates to use to guide conversations on pregnancy and abortion)

4)      Client packets on Pregnancy and Abortion (materials for clients to review on pregnancy and abortion)

5)      Referral Resource Sheet for KY (including neighboring states)

6)      STAR Model for Effective Referrals

7)      ACT (Adoption, Continuing Pregnancy to Parent, Termination)

8)      Sample policies and procedures for sites on unintended pregnancy referrals

9)      Mobile app for finding a provider for pregnancy termination.